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Acrylc Figurative

  1. November Rain, 2017

    acrylic on canvas (mounted on MDF), 35x50 cm

  2. In the Window, 2017

    acrylic on canvas, 70x90 cm

  3. Japanese Schoolgirl with Guns, 2017

    acrylic and inks on paper, 40x52 cm

  4. Models with Chinese Mask, 2017

    acrylic on paper. 50x65 cm

  5. Mayan God, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 50x70 cm

  6. Girl with Serpent, 2016

    acrylic on paper, 50x65 cm

  7. Young Woman with cat, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 54x73 cm

  8. Moscow Winter, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 73x54 cm

  9. Japanese Geisha in Blue, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm

  10. Mother and Child, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm

  11. Bakemono Geisha, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm

  12. Cat in Alfama Window, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 50x49 cm

  13. Drowning the Light, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 50x40 cm

  14. September in Algarve, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 40x50 cm

  15. Virgin Mary and Fresh Water, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 50x40 cm

  16. Golden Dragon, 2015

    acrylic on paper, 70x50 cm

  17. Secret Garden, 2015

    acrylic on paper, 50x70 cm

  18. Electric blonde, 2014B

    acrylic on paper, 50x70 cm

  19. Dance, 2014

    acrylic on canvas 50x70 cm

  20. Fruits and the Saint, 2013

    acrylic on cavas, 30x30 cm

  21. Lisbon Cafe, 2014

    oil on canvas, 40x30 cm