Alex Solodov Art

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  1. Asian Girl in Paris, 2018

    art print on paper (limited edition of 30), 59x42 cm

  2. Blonde Girl Smiling, 2017

    ink on paper, 70x50 cm

  3. Woman in Red Kimono, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 28x36 cm

  4. Vamp Girl, 2016

    acrylic and inks on paper, 32x50 cm

  5. Young Woman with cat, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 54x73 cm

  6. Woman Smoking, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 46x55 cm

  7. Girl in the Rain, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 46x55 cm

  8. Moscow Winter, 2015

    acrylic on canvas, 73x54 cm

  9. Flower face, 2015

    acrylic and oil pastel on paper, 60x42 cm

  10. Chinese girl with flowers, 2014

    watercolour on paper, 24x32 cm

  11. Woman with drapery, 2015

    watercolour on paper, 40x60 cm

  12. your beautiful eyes, 2014

    ink on rice paper, 30x40 cm