Alex Solodov Art

Invasion 2011

The Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - «Rewriting Worlds» - was held from Sept. 22 to Oct. 14, 2011.
Peter Weibel is the curator of the main exhibition which will including approximately 80 artists from more than 20 different countries. Such famous name brand artists of the international art scene as: Ai Weiwei (China), Richard Hamilton (UK), Walid Ra’ad (Lebanon/USA), Neo Rauch (Germany), Claire Fontaine (France), Susan Hiller (UK/USA), Rebecca Horn (Germany), Ingar Dragset (Norway) and many others.

In the special projects section of the Biennale, sharing a space with the artist group know as COLOURING THE GREY: SECOND WAVE OF ROMANIAN CONTEMPORARY EMERGING ARTISTS, was an unofficial exhibition titled INVASION: ARTISTIC COOPERATION WITHOUT BORDERS, curated by artist Alex Solodov that was held during the biennale in Artplay design center, Moscow.

This exhibition included artworks by Alex Solodov, Sibylle Will, Alfonso Villagran and Jim McElvaney.
Here is INVASION 2011 exhibition's press realese:

Cat Woman, 2011 by Alex Solodov (acrylic on fabric, 50x70 cm)

This is a short video from exhibition featuring a few paintings by Alex Solodov.

This is Alex Solodov's interview (in Russian) for Russian TV about this exhibition.