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Hidden Desire

Hidden Desire - watercolor with ink painting in expressionistic pop art style. On this painting the body of the model in motion is incorporated in abstract background with spontaneous brush strokes. Inspired by fashion photography.

Watercolours and inks on paper
32x50 cm, 12.6x19.7 inch
Signed on the back
Registered shipping 10 Euro

100 Euro

Shadows and Light - Nude Model Lying

Watercolor ink wash painting in sumi-e technic. Portrayed a young woman lying on her side at night. Inspired by fashion photography.

Inks on paper
50x35 cm, 19.7x13.8 inch
30 x Limited Edition Prints
Giclee print on archival paper
330mm x 490mm 13 x 19inches
Registered shipping 5 Euro

35 Euro

Nude Model in Profile

Watercolor ink wash painting portrayed nude fashion model posing in profile.
Inspired by fashion photography.
In sumi-e ink wash painting technique.
This painting in expressionistic pop art style.

Nude Model in Profile, 2015inks on paper, 44x70 cm

30 x Limited Edition Prints
Giclee print on archival paper
330mm x 490mm 13 x 19inches

40 Euro (via PayPal)

Three Graces of Lisbon

Three Graces or Χάριτες [kʰáritɛːs] is a minor goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, and fertility.
In old traditional painting the symbolism of these goddesses was an important part of home decoration bringing the energy of harmony to the house.

Three Graces of Lisbon, 2015acrylic on canvas, 73x54 cm

Cat in Alfama Window

Acrylic cityscape painting portrayed a cat in the window in Alfama, central district in Lisbon, Portugal.
Alfama is famous for its beautiful vintage houses, shops and cafes.
Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon and is a delightful maze of narrow streets, which lead from the Tejo estuary uphill to the castle.
Contained within this ancient district there are some of Lisbon’s most historically important buildings including the Se Cathedral,
Lisbon Castle, National Pantheon and Saint Anthony’s Church.
In this painting artist used expressionist brush painting technic for capturing a simple view from everyday life in Lisbon.

Cat in Alfama Window, 2015acrylic on canvas, 50x49 cm