Alex Solodov Art

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  1. November Rain, 2017

    acrylic on canvas (mounted on MDF), 35x50 cm

  2. Evening Rhapsody of Lisbon

    ink on paper, 60x43 cm

  3. Spring Rain in Funchal, 2017

    watercolours and inks on paper, 22x49 cm

  4. Night Lights of Lisbon, 2016

    ink on paper 65x44 cm

  5. Night Rain in Lisbon, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm

  6. Funchal in the Rain, 2016

    watercolours, sepia and inks on paper, 32x50 cm

  7. Double Rainbow Above Guaidiana River, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 55x46 cm

  8. Girl in the Rain, 2016

    acrylic on canvas, 46x55 cm

  9. Wind and Rain, 2015

    ink on paper, 70x44 cm

  10. Lisbon Rain, 2014

    watercolour and inks on paper, 58x42 cm